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Truebill is hiring an IT Engineer

You will be responsible for running all things IT at Truebill. That includes device management, access control (with and without SAML), and any IT requests that come up. You will be the primary IT provider for our nearly 100 employees and you will report directly to the CTO. Email jobs+hn@truebill.com if you’d like to discuss! […]

Why Presentation Skills Are Important in Marketing

What does it take to be a successful marketer? Turns out we don’t have to guess because someone’s already done the research. Fractl used IBM’s Watson Personality Insights API from 2019 to pick out the key traits and characteristics of 20 of the world’s most prominent marketing leaders (I even made the list!). According to […]

Business Bankruptcy Basics

Is a Business Bankruptcy in Your Business’s Future? If your business is having issues, business bankruptcy might be on your mind. But before you go ahead, there are some things you should know. Business Failures No one likes to think about it, but there’s a chance your business just plain won’t catch on. Maybe no […]

8 White Hat Strategies for Combating Search Engine Bias

While you may view search engines as a neutral tool for querying, in actuality, search engines are created by company-affiliated individuals and operate much like any product. They’re designed to satisfy the consumer and financially benefit the producer. Although this realistic view of search engine intent shouldn’t necessarily raise any red flags, what might concern […]

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CSS AG | https://www.css.de/en/ | Fulda, Germany | Onsite/ Remote (during COVID) | Full Time Established in 1984, CSS AG continuously develops modern, user-oriented business software for demanding mid-sized companies of all industries – also for international use. CSS is one of the major developers of business software in Germany with nearly 2.000 customers. Help […]

Iron Ox is hiring Sr Roboticists and SWEs to build the next generation of farming

Article URL: https://jobs.lever.co/ironox Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24721163 Points: 1 # Comments: 0 The post Iron Ox is hiring Sr Roboticists and SWEs to build the next generation of farming appeared first on ROI Credit Builders.

Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards

Are you looking for business credit cards with cashback rewards? Check out our choices inside. Get the Best Business Credit Cards with Cashback Rewards We researched a lot of company credit cards for you. So, here are our selections. Per the SBA, corporate credit card limits are a whopping 10 – 100 times that of […]

Making Use Of Advertisement Networks for Internet Advertising

By utilizing Advertisement Networks for advertising your Internet promotion you must realize that a great deal of these networks use this kind of promo to lots of people. The identical Internet Advertisement might originally be raised throughout a search, your own being amongst thousands. This is a large number, as well as in some cases […]

Fond (YC W12) Is Hiring Customer Success Manager in Portland

Article URL: https://jobs.lever.co/fond/9f3e0380-217c-4d87-9e70-971295fd31f3 Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23655833 Points: 1 # Comments: 0

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Location: Paris, France Remote: Yes. Willing to relocate: Yes, within Japan. Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, ReactJS, ReactNative, docker, redis, rspec, sass, git Résumé/CV: https://ibrahim.io Email: hello@ibrahim.io With 5 years of experience as a full stack developer, I have been contributing to various projects that help clients achieve their goals. I am available for […]