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Hello! I’m a full-stack software engineer specializing in mobile apps. Location: Northern VA / Washington D.C. Remote: Yes Willing to relocate: No Technologies: React Native, React/Redux, Android, HTML/CSS, Vue.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Clojure, Go, Java, C, Bash scripting, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Embedded Linux, Web scraping, Git, OSS licensing and maintainership Résumé/CV: https://preetam.io/papers/resume_pdsouza.pdf LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pjdsouza/ […]

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The Sensible Code Company | Remote (based within 2 hour flight of UK) | Senior Software Engineer | Full-time Sensible Code is looking for a senior software engineer to work on Cantabular which is being used by the Office for National Statistics for dissemination process improvement for the 2021 Census. Golang or C/C++ desirable. May […]

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DATA ENGINEER FIRM OVERVIEW Robertson Stephens Wealth Management (RSWM) is a San Francisco-based wealth management firm with offices in New York and Sun Valley. The firm serves the financial planning and investment strategy needs of high net worth individuals and family offices. Employees of the firm share a solid work ethic and a drive to […]

Work at a Startup: job list of YC companies most actively hiring for engineers

Article URL: https://www.workatastartup.com/job_list?utm_source=hn_jobs Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23033802 Points: 1 # Comments: 0 The post Work at a Startup: job list of YC companies most actively hiring for engineers appeared first on Buy It At A Bargain – Deals And Reviews.

Hi, I’m Neil Patel, Co-founder of NPDigital. Ask Me Anything!

Today, I thought I would do something a bit different, as 66.9% of my website traffic is brand new. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Neil Patel and I’m the co-founder of a digital marketing agency called, NPDigital, where we help companies of all sizes get more traffic and sales. I’ve […]

Just Funded… Skin and Beauty Center Secures $13,700

One of our laser center clients needed a small loan for an expansion they were working on. So they were happy for us to be able to secure $13,700, more than they needed, even when they had been declined before. They got approved with no collateral, and with the business owner having credit issues. Plus, […]

Get a Look at Instant Approval Business Credit Cards

Check Out Instant Approval Business Credit Cards We looked at a lot of instant approval business credit cards, and did the research for you. So here are our picks. Per the SBA, small business credit card limits are a whopping 10 – 100 times that of personal credit cards! This reveals you can get a […]

The Tale of Elusive Minority Business Loans: Where to Find Them and What It Takes to Get Them

Minority Business Loans are Out There, You Just Have to Know Where to Look The United States is full of those considered to be “in the minority.” In fact, in some areas the majority of the population is considered to belong to a minority group! This is why minority business loans are more important than […]